Slowpoke Café

UI/UX Design
Project Overview
Role: Brand and UI/UX designer
Tools: Figma, Adobe Illustrator
Date: March 2021
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How can we design an engaging and unique annual report website for a nonprofit organization?
As this project, I have the freedom to come up with a nonprofit organization. I chose to do a nonprofit coffee shop that has a mission on promoting sloths.
March 2021
As part of an assignment, I was tasked with creating an organization. I began the process by thinking about the mission of the organization and what it would aim to achieve. I wanted the organization to be focused on promoting a slower, more intentional way of living, and so the mission I came up with was to "help people slow down and enjoy life like sloths." The organization also have a mission to save sloths by raising awareness and educating the public through a coffee shop dedicated to sloths.

Next, I identified the targeted audience for the organization using the "who, what, wow" method. I thought about who the organization would serve, what they would offer, and what would make it stand out. I determined that the audience would be individuals who are busy, stressed, and looking to simplify their lives. Our sloth themed café aim to provide a calming and relaxing space for individuals to help them slow down and live more intentionally, and what would make it stand out is its unique approach to slowing down in today's fast-paced world.

In the "what" part of the process, I asked questions such as "how might we" as solutions to the problems that the organization would address. I brainstormed ideas for how the organization could help people slow down and enjoy life...

To come up with a name for the organization, I brainstormed words that described a sloth themed café and anything associated with it. I wrote down words like "slow," "lazy," "relaxation," and "café." From there, I reduced and selected certain words that I thought captured the essence of the organization. I ultimately came up with the name "Slowpoke Café," which I felt was catchy and memorable while also communicating the organization's focus on slowing down and taking things at a more relaxed pace.