Effect Filters

Immersive Design | Augmented Reality
Project Overview
Role: Illustrator, AR designer and developer
Tools: Effect House, Lens Studio, Spark AR, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Procreate, Blender
Time frame: 2022 - present
A collection of effect filters I have done for Team Newhouse, MIT Reality Hack, and as my passion project this year.
My teammate Kevin Canaday and I collaborated to create an interactive Snapchat and Instagram filter featuring Otto, Syracuse University’s beloved mascot. Our primary goal was to create an engaging and entertaining experience for users. However, we also saw this as an opportunity to challenge ourselves and learn more about the rapidly evolving field of augmented reality. Developing the filter was not without its difficulties, as we encountered limited resources and tutorials while working with Lens Studio and Spark AR. Nonetheless, we persevered and successfully delivered a fun and exciting filter that showcases our dedication to innovation and creativity.

"Dance with Otto" reached over 120K users as of November 2022.
Available in Snapchat and Instagram.
Team Newhouse
April 2022
In 2023, I had the opportunity to attend the MIT Reality Hack, a renowned community-driven XR hackathon that brings together thought leaders, brand mentors, creators, students, and tech enthusiasts from all over the world. During this event, I joined a talented team and collaborated to create over 15 effect filters in just 48 hours. As a designer, I played a crucial role in developing some of the filters, including creating illustrations and contributing to brainstorming sessions. Our hard work paid off when we won the "Future of Storytelling Prize: Effect House AR Short Film Festival" for our TikTok video that featured the filters we created. One of the filters I helped create went viral, garnering over 14 million views as of May 2023. This experience challenged me to think creatively and work collaboratively, and I am proud of what we accomplished as a team.

"Flying Pigeon" has over 14 million views as of May 2023.
Available in TikTok only.
MIT Reality Hack
January 2023
As part of my capstone class, I pursued my passion project of creating more effect filters following my successful experience at the hackathon. Over the course of this project, I designed 16 unique filters for TikTok, which ranged from simple face stickers to randomized filters. I took on the responsibility of creating all the illustrations for this project, which allowed me to explore new creative avenues and further develop my skills as a designer. This experience was both challenging and rewarding, and it reinforced my passion for exploring the limitless possibilities of augmented reality.
March 2023